279 Blackmoorfoot Road, HD4 5RL

  • £20.00 HD1 Huddersfield
  • £20.00 HD2 Huddersfield
  • £20.00 HD3 Huddersfield
  • £20.00 HD4 Huddersfield
  • £20.00 HD5 Huddersfield
  • £20.00 HD6 Huddersfield
  • £20.00 HD7 Huddersfield
  • £20.00 HD8 Huddersfield
  • £20.00 HD9 Huddersfield
  • £30.00 LS1 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS2 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS3 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS4 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS5 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS6 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS7 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS8 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS11 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS12 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS16 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS18 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS13 Leeds
  • £30.00 LS28 Leeds

Are you hungry! Are you a student yes

Then you must be a HUNGRY STUDENT

HUNGRY STUDENTS is a online food ordering platform for students to order there favorite healthly students meals at affordable prices.

Hungry Students is based in huddersfield we deliver to students studying at university nationwide.

Plan your week ahead with our healthly prep meals 

All meals last 4/5 days refrigerated or 3 months in freezer microwave until piping hot

All meals MUST BE PRE ORDERED AND PAIDED IN ADVANCE select you delivery days.

Please leave all correct information delivery address and contact number/email address any food allergy. All meals are suitable for halal dietary needs.

Please pre order one day in advance for delivery 

All meals are freshly made by our skilled chefs daily and delivered in our refrigerated delivery vans.

Select your delivery days and area


Delivery is Free in huddersfield 

Minimum order value £20.00

Huddersfield Delivery days 

Order on Sunday for Monday delivery 

Order on monday for Tuesday delivery 

Order on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery 

Order on Wednesday for Thursday delivery 

Order on Thursday for Friday delivery 

Order on friday for Saturday delivery 

Order on Saturday for Sunday delivery 


Delivery fee £4.00

Minimum order value £30.00

Leeds delivery days Sunday Tuesday Thursday 

Order on Saturday for Sunday delivery 

Order on monday for Tuesday delivery 

Order on Wednesday for Thursday delivery 

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • sunday 09:00 - Till Late
  • monday 09:00 - Till Late
  • tuesday 09:00 - Till Late
  • wednesday 09:00 - Till Late
  • thursday 09:00 - Till Late
  • friday 09:00 - Till Late
  • saturday 09:00 - Till Late


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